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Top Five Summertime Workouts

[published: 08/31/2015] in Exercise

Rollerblading: This fun activity increases the blood flow throughout your entire body and you can burn up to 1,000 calories after an hour of rollerblading. It also improves balance and coordination and strengthens your leg muscles.

Hiking: It’s a great for cardiovascular health and speeding up the metabolism. Some trails are harder than others, but hiking at least once a week can help clear the mind and burn calories.

Tennis: Not only does swinging a racket build great upper body strength, you can burn a lot of calories because you are constantly moving. Play with a partner, try doubles or hit a ball against the wall to get active and see results.

Kayaking: Improves joint health and builds muscle in the arms. Although considered a low impact sport, it burns calories and tones muscles. Getting in the water will also help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Swimming: Works nearly every muscle in the body. A swimmer can burn as many calories in an hour as a runner who runs six miles in one hour and the risk of injury is much lower.