Asparagus & Spinach Frittata

[published: 05/12/2017] in Food

A great seasonal recipe!
Asparagus and Spinach Frittata
Recipe courtesy of Katie Lee

4 Ways to Combat Spring Allergies

[published: 05/05/2017] in Health Tips

1. Supplement daily with friendly bacteria
All digestive tracts can benefit from the boost probiotics lend to digestion and immunity, they can also influence the immune system and potentially correct the root cause of allergic reactions.  Aim to take a daily dose of probiotics.

2.  Ingest More...


Easing Back Into Exercise

[published: 04/26/2017] in Exercise

How to ease back into working out

There are many reasons why you might stop working out for an extended period of time, including injury, work and weather.  On returning to exercise, you may find that your body feels different and does not perform as it did before and you may be more prone to...


6 Healthy Ways to Start the Day

[published: 04/03/2017] in Health Tips


  1. Canned, wild Alaskan salmon.  Using canned, wild Alaskan salmon along with leftover rice and vegetables makes this a quick meal.
  2. Granola and yogurt. Opt for full-fat plain Greek yogurt, fruit and walnuts.
  3. Eggs. Keep some hardboiled eggs (choose free-range, omega-3 fortified eggs) on hand...


Superfood Monday: Why Dark Leafy Greens Should Be On Your Plate

[published: 03/31/2017] in Food

Look for organic varieties of these three greens at your local grocer or natural foods store:

  1. Kale. Try it sautéed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil with garlic.
  2. Collards. With a taste similar to that of kale and cabbage, this traditional vegetable from the South makes a wonderful side...